HydroBlast Power Nozzle


Meet today's most surprising time-saving, inflation-busting tool … A 5X power industrial strength pressure washer that fits in your hand.

This firehouse-worthy power cleaning tool is helping people across the country save millions in rental fees, cleaning fees and maintenance costs.

In a tough economy, any way to save money means more money in consumer's pockets for essentials like rent, food, gas and utilities.

And often, some of the first services to get cut are car washes, window washing, and other home services that are hard to do without special equipment.

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So it's no wonder that during our current pre-recession, so many people are buying this simple tool that turns any hose into a high-velocity power hose.

The HydroBlast Power Nozzle connects to an ordinary garden hose and turns it into the ultimate power washing gun for fast and powerful cleaning, without the high cost of a power washer. Making otherwise hard, costly chores easy.

The HydroBlast Power Nozzle is small and light, but packs a powerful force to easily cut through years of dirt, stains and grime, and get easily into even very high, or hard to reach spots. It comes with 2 premium quality brass nozzle heads, so users can choose from focused full force cleaning or large area coverage.

And the HydroBlast Power Nozzle was built to last with corrosion and rust resistant lightweight material. It's portable and easy to use without causing a backache from bending over too much. Plus, it has an anti-slip handle with an ergonomic sponge grip that makes it comfortable to hold, and ensures it won't slip no matter how high the pressure.

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It's the perfect power washer for any job from gardening, car washing, to house and window cleaning, and gentle enough for fast, effective pet bathing.

The HydroBlast Power Nozzle works by converting standard water pressure into a high velocity, ultra high pressured water stream by forcing it through a series of very small engineered openings. Producing 5X the normal water pressure, without any kind of machinery.

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The HydroBlast Power Nozzle works by converting standard water pressure into a high velocity, ultra high pressured water stream by forcing it through a series of very small engineered openings. Producing 5X the normal water pressure, without any kind of machinery.

Adjusted for pressure, it will easily remove years of grime off driveways, decks, sidewalks and patios. And it will blast debris from gutters, and remove dirt from windows without anyone having to touch them.

It's great for washing cars, cleaning swingsets and other backyard items, like hot tubs, slides, planting pots, railings, and pools, inside and out.

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Many of these jobs are tasks people normally have to pay someone to do with a power washer at $50 to $100 an hour.

With the HydroBlast Power Nozzle more people are able to skip hiring out these jobs, and skip out on spending up to $1,000 on a heavy-duty power washer.

It's a simple, cost effective and hassle freeway to wash anything, anywhere with a hose nearby. It comes complete with different nozzle attachments that can be used for various tasks, such as high-pressure cleaning, low-pressure rinsing, and applying detergent.

And by having a power washer always ready at home, people can save money on professional cleaning services, which can be expensive. Additionally, power washing can help prolong the life of a home's exterior surfaces, such as paint, siding, and concrete, which can save money on repairs and replacements.

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Having a small, powerful, hand-held pressure washer at home also allows for cleaning whenever you want, without having to schedule a professional cleaning service or rent equipment.

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And it can remove potentially harmful substances such as mold, mildew, and algae, which can pose health hazards. Additionally, it can make surfaces less slippery, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

It fits quickly and snugly on any standard garden hose to deliver a forceful Jet or Fan shaped spray. It's also leakproof and saves water, energy and effort.

A tool like this puts professional capability into the hands of anyone who needs it. That's why it’s rated 4.9 by over 1200+ Verified Buyers.

Comments by users include …

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Sarah Johnson

Review Rating

Verified Review

“HydroBlast has made cleaning my deck a breeze! The high pressure nozzle easily removes dirt and grime without me having to put in a lot of effort. It's a game changer.”

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Mark Rodriguez

Review Rating

Verified Review

“I love using HydroBlast for my DIY projects. It's lightweight and easy to maneuver, and the two tips make it perfect for all my cleaning needs.
Highly recommended!”

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Samantha Lee

Review Rating

Verified Review

“As a gardener, I need a tool that can clean my outdoor spaces quickly and easily. HydroBlast does just that! I can water my plants and then use the high pressure nozzle to clean up in no time.”

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John Smith

Review Rating

Verified Review

“I use HydroBlast to clean my car and it does an amazing job! The high pressure nozzle removes dirt and grime quickly, and it's so much easier than using a bucket and sponge. I would definitely recommend this product.”

The ease of use, quick connection to an existing hose, multiple spraying patterns and flow control make the HydroBlast Power Nozzle the most versatile power cleaning tool on the market that can be used for all washing needs.

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